Meet ChiliForms

WordPress contact forms.
Easy. Fast. Secure.

Hello, and welcome to, home for the hot and spicy contact form builder plugin for WordPress.

What is this?

ChiliForms is a WordPress plugin, than helps users create simple (or complex) contact forms for their websites.

Do I need it?

Maybe. If at some point you wish to add contact form, or feedback (or any other) form to your website, so that your readers or customers can contact you, you should give it a try.


Can it be translated to [my language]?

Sure, it supports localization.


What features it currently has?

* Clean and fast drag n drop contact form builder user interface, built with ReactJS
* Live form editor
* Mark any number of fields as required
* All the necessary fields (Input, Text, Dropdown, Radio, Checkboxes, Email, Url) are available
* Custom field width
* You can deactivate the form for some time, user sees a message
* AJAX form submit (user receives animated message, no page reload)
* Client-side fields validation for better user experience
* Server side validation as well, for better security
* Admin email notification on new submisions
* Custom colors for forms
* You can mark important submission entries as starred
* You can use filters, to see only starred entries or only unread items
* Styled form theme and HTML-only version
* Fixed width or percent of parent container
* Dedicated preview page on theme page
* Use shortcode or php to insert




What else?

You can also check our WordPress Knowledge Base plugin, MinervaKB.